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Photo Scanning

High Resolution Photo Scanning!

Photo Scanning

Video To DVD values your precious photographs as if they were our own; as such, you can rest assured that your memories will be treated with respect and integrity to not only maintain the current condition of your photos, slides, or negatives, but to ensure that you receive the best quality digital scans available. New prints from digital jpegs often times look better then the original due to the improvements in printing technologies; add music to the photo DVD for an enjoyable evening with family and friends. Get those images out of photo albums and on to a DVD.

Making extra copies of your photo scans is easy and inexpensive; extra copies for all your family members are just $5.00 each. No longer do you need to cut up photo albums; now the whole family can have copies of grandma's pictures. The quality, resolution, care, and expertise set Video To DVD apart from any other scanning company; many companies ship your pictures to another state, and sometimes to another country. Don't risk losing your pictures; Trust Video To DVD™.

The History of Photo Scanning

Picture scanning has evolved from low resolution document scanners and flat bed scanners, to finally a high resolution, automated picture scanner; Video To DVD has brought this new technology to San Diego.

In the past, high resolution jpegs were achieved only through flat bed scanning. Using an automated document scanner created streaking and smudged images. That was a poor technique. WE have NEVER scanned to disc using a document scanner.

With Kodak's new picture scanning system, picture scanning has finally come of age; scanned jpeg images of 5 to 20 mb now take just a short time to create. We can offer this picture archiving to DVD for a very reasonable price; you need not worry about losing your family photo history to fire, mold, or other factors. Scan your photos to CD, DVD or to a hard drive. Sharing these scanned pictures is easy, All scans are nameable, email-able and fully addressable. Scanning to jpegs finally make sense. Old pictures come to life with this high resolution scanning to a disc.

Testimonials and Reviews

"We had a great experience here. We took advantage of the family archive special and had all of our old home movies transferred to DVD. Ken was extremely friendly, organized, and up front about all of his services and prices. He finished ahead of schedule and had all of our DVDs ready in a day! Everything was so neat and organized when we picked up. We will definitely use him again and would recommend this company to anyone...his prices were a FRACTION of what everyone else's were. We felt like everything was priced fairly, which is rare for this type of service. The DVDs all look great too!"


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