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Video to DVD

Full service video and photo transfer, scanning, editing and DVD production company located in San Diego, California


Custom Made Memories

Custom Produced Multimedia Projects; Creating and Storing your memories.


Video to DVD can scan pictures and slides, convert old film, video tape, audio tape, voice overs and edit them together to recreate the family memories that we all treasure. Let our team explain - from start to finish - how to make your special moments something that everyone will remember.

We can convert any analog format of media (video tape, film, slides, audio tape, etc) into ANY digital format to suit your individual needs. We offer archival-grade 50 year DVD's, CD's, flash drives (also called "thumb drives" or "jump drives"), and external hard drives to store your precious, custom-made video memories. We create digital video and audio files that are ideal for posting to Youtube, Facebook, or the cloud: the possibilities are endless. Preservation is no longer a worry.

Video to DVD offers San Diego's largest array of Digital Scanning and Conversion services. All media sources are supported. Step in to the "The Digital World" which allows you to relive those special moments and bring back those memories. Now available at the flip of a finger. On your phone, tablet, TV and computer anytime anywhere.

No more fumbling through albums, scanning dusty old tapes, breaking out the slide or film projector now all your memories are a click away any where in the world. Cloud, External Hard Drive and Archival Disc storage removes the possibility of fading images, loss due to fire or flood. How much are your memories cherished? Don't wait another year Digitize today.

Our team can create a piece that will keep your memories alive forever. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, a reunion, a marriage, or a life: let the experienced team at Video To DVD assist you in creating the perfect piece for any occasion.

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Testimonials and Reviews

"Every time I go to Video to DVD it is a positive experience. I have told many of my friends and family members who have also had the same experience. I would highly recommend them for all your video/dvd needs."

Laura C.

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