Video to DVD
Video to DVD

Full service video and photo transfer, scanning, editing and DVD production company located in San Diego, California


Audio Transfers

Your Audio Memories are Safe with Us!

Do you have a special LP, cassette, 8-track or reel-to-reel recording in your collection that is out of print but worth converting to CD or digital file*?

Let us preserve your special recording by making a custom CD from your personal copy.

A digital recording of your record will be made using a state of the art "digital turntable" with optical outputs.

Click/pop filtering removes common crackling noises from your recording. A special technique is used to isolate the surface noise and reduce it. Please be aware that sound restoration is entirely dependent on the condition of the original recording.

We can create for you a CD with separate tracks for each song just like commercial CDs!

* We can provide you the digital file(s) on usb drive, thumb drive, portable hard drive (drive type may be dependant on the file size that is created).


  • Cassette from $8.00 per hr.
  • Reel to Reel from $25.00 per hr.
  • Record from $25.00 per piece.
  • Audio Enhancing from $37.50 per 1/2 hr.
Testimonials and Reviews

"Have been procrastinating for years to transfer my old video tapes to DVD. Finding Video To DVD was a godsend. Ken, the owner, was professional, helpful and they have the least expensive prices in town! Worth my drive from Cardiff."

Sheila M.

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