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Ken and his team are a pleasure to work with. He is extremely responsive and honest. He meets his deadlines and respects your 'materials'. He is also patient and takes the time to explain everything clearly. I highly recommend using his services - whether it's 8 MM, VHS, Cassette Tapes, DVDs, prints or Hard Drives, he can do it all.

Sarah P.

My mom came to visit me from St. Louis, MO and brought a few family tapes with her to be converted to DVD's. I had researched this place for her before she came and decided to give them a try. She had two DVD's (not sure how long they were) and initially I thought the price was a little steep. After about 3 and a half days they were done and the quality of work proved to be worth it. I've never had anything converted before but my brother has and he marveled at the clear picture of his snag a tooth grin (one video was his 7th bday party). The video was fantastic from the visual to the sound. Next I'm going to get a few old cassettes converted to CD's. So excited.

Crystal C.

Well deserved 5 star review for helping preserve a 31 year old VHS recording of my parents' wedding onto DVD. Ken was polite, courteous and extremely helpful. He even threw in editing at no extra cost.

I'll definitely be coming back here for my future Video to DVD needs. Thank you guys!

Sam P.

I had 33 dv tapes to transfer to DVD. They completed the project very quickly. They explained the process, were fair with pricing, and fixed a few broken tapes. Overall, I had a positive experience and would recommend to anyone who needs videos transferred. My kids are now enjoying watching their lives on the DVD player!

Julie M.

We had a great experience here. We took advantage of the family archive special and had all of our old home movies transferred to DVD. Ken was extremely friendly, organized, and up front about all of his services and prices. He finished ahead of schedule and had all of our DVDs ready in a day! Everything was so neat and organized when we picked up. We will definitely use him again and would recommend this company to anyone...his prices were a FRACTION of what everyone else's were. We felt like everything was priced fairly, which is rare for this type of service. The DVDs all look great too!


I've had a very positive experience with this company for the last two years. They are the sole supplier of our CDs and DVDs that we use in the scanning business as well as our promotional CDs. I believe the company has been around for many years and its owner-operators know their stuff. They showed me how their different duplicators/replicators and other gadgets work, and I thought that was cool.

John S.

Have been procrastinating for years to transfer my old video tapes to DVD. Finding Video To DVD was a godsend. Ken, the owner, was professional, helpful and they have the least expensive prices in town! Worth my drive from Cardiff.

Sheila M.

Ken and his step brother are great guys to work with! Our family has been wanting to switch over our old 8mm cassettes to DVDs and these guys had the best prices in town and the reviews were all positive so i decided to go with them. Best decision ever! My parents were reluctant to let all of the tapes out of their possession at once for fear of some crazy destructive force that would wipe all family memories but after talking to the guys and Video to DVD my mom felt very reassured they would be in good hands and ended up doing all 22 at once. (Thank you for the gas saved guys!!) Their service was outstanding and the finished product was amazing! Now my grandparents want their old 8mm reels from the 50's and 60's converted and i know who i am going to without a question! These guys will definitely be getting all of my friend's and family's business! Thanks so much!

Heather M.

I just brought in 17 vhs tapes and 1 8mm. They will be done in 3-5 days, which is much faster than I would have expected. Will add to my review upon completion of the project.

Ava C.

I had used Ken at Video to DVD in the past to transfer video onto DVD and was happy with his work. So I immediately called him and explained our dream and time constraints. He told us what he needed to get the job done, we delivered pictures, and 2 days later previewed the DVD - it was awesome!! It made everyone in the house break into tears. A perfectly beautiful surprise for the bride during the dance!! Thank you, Thank you Ken for making it all possible in such a short time frame!!! Your perfectionism, creative talents, and flexibility are sincerely appreciated!

Tana C.

I finally got organized enough to take my videos into Ken Gibbings store. I had been wanting to do it for so long but had been procrastinating. My fear of loosing all those important memories on video finally got the best of me and I went in to the store. I received exceptional treatment. I had so many videos and didn't know which ones were worth keeping and which were junk. They were very helpful and let me watch my videos so I could figure out what they were. Several were just trash so I was happy they were so helpful so I didn't waste money on converting trash. For my really important videos (my wedding) they made back up copies at my request. It was very easy and simple.All my videos are converted to DVD. Now I am so happy that I don't have to worry about loosing my wonderful memories. I have even popped in a DVD or two and walked down memory lane. My kids had a great time seeing my wedding again (It's been years since we looked at those videos because we haven't had a VCR in years). Anyway, I'm so glad I got this done and I would recommend Ken Gibbings 100%. Great customer service, very trustworthy, and quick and easy and affordable. And they went above and beyond by helping me even figure out what was on all my old videos. Don't wait any longer!!! Convert your videos today!! You'll be glad you did.

Dolores W.

Every time I go to Video to DVD it is a positive experience. I have told many of my friends and family members who have also had the same experience. I would highly recommend them for all your video/dvd needs.

Laura C.

We shopped around for awhile looking for someone to transfer our old super 8, Beta Max, and VHS old home movies. To my wife and I these movies were priceless and we wanted someone we could trust who would do a good job. We could not have made a better choice. Ken and his staff were very professional and courtesy in answering all our questions. The work was done in a reasonable time and for less than we expected. We highly recommend Video To DVD for all your film transfers and duplications. Ken and his staff are great.

Mike M.

Thank you, videotoodvd, for your prompt and efficient service! The quality is excellent and the memories are priceless! I will be using your service again in the future.

Dr. Dave B. Crossville, Tennessee

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