Video to DVD
Video to DVD

Full service video and photo transfer, scanning, editing and DVD production company located in San Diego, California


Film Transfers

Your Film is Safe with Us!

Save your films forever by transferring them to DVD. We can create DVDs (and digital files*) from the following formats:

All our work is completed using an Elmo Telecine converter for the best quality in California. Stop by our shop and see for yourself.

We also have the capabilities to transfer film to digital tape or a hard drive.

All film is cleaned, spliced, color corrected and restored prior to transferring to get the best quality possible.

* We can provide you the digital file(s) on usb drive, thumb drive, portable hard drive (drive type may be dependant on the file size that is created).

Below is an example of our transfer service, converting 8mm to DVD


  • From $10.00 per 50ft.
  • Cleaned, restored, spliced, color adjusted.
  • "No hidden fees"
  • 2500ft or more gets 20% off
Testimonials and Reviews

"Ken and his step brother are great guys to work with! Our family has been wanting to switch over our old 8mm cassettes to DVDs and these guys had the best prices in town and the reviews were all positive so i decided to go with them. Best decision ever! My parents were reluctant to let all of the tapes out of their possession at once for fear of some crazy destructive force that would wipe all family memories but after talking to the guys and Video to DVD my mom felt very reassured they would be in good hands and ended up doing all 22 at once. (Thank you for the gas saved guys!!) Their service was outstanding and the finished product was amazing! Now my grandparents want their old 8mm reels from the 50's and 60's converted and i know who i am going to without a question! These guys will definitely be getting all of my friend's and family's business! Thanks so much!"

Heather M.

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